Black-Owned Business Directories to Support Black Entrepreneurs

Consumers have become increasingly mindful about aligning their purchasing decisions with their values. This value is especially pronounced among younger generations – notably Gen Zers- emphasizing companies’ need to promote racial equality actively. 90% of Gen Z’s surveyed said that companies should actively work on making things equal, according to a study by McKinsey in 2021.

If you’ve landed on this blog, you’re probably interested in supporting black-owned businesses, and luckily, we’ve got a long list of directories and digital platforms to search through. For Black business owners, listing their ventures on these platforms can substantially enhance visibility and enable them to reach new customers who share their commitment to supporting Black entrepreneurship.

We hope you bookmark this page and consider buying Black whenever you can. We also encourage you to share this blog with friends or family, so your socially conscious consumerism inspires them. Who knows, they might discover their new favorite brand!

Here are Black-owned business directories to explore:

  1. Black Directory: Black Directory is dedicated to promoting Black-owned products and services, striving to level the playing field for Black businesses. They offer resources, access to contracts, and networking opportunities for members.
  2. (BOA): BOA connects Black-owned businesses with consumers across the globe. It’s a cost-free platform for businesses to list their services, products, and advertising opportunities.
  3. Black-Owned Brooklyn: Founded by a husband-and-wife team, Black-Owned Brooklyn focuses on elevating businesses within their community. While it primarily lists Brooklyn-based businesses, it shares inspiring stories from founders and business owners.
  4. Black Woman Owned: This platform aims to scale visibility and success for Black women-owned businesses, providing a comprehensive listing of products and professional services. They also offer newsletters and curated product boxes.
  5. ByBlack: Developed by the U.S. Black Chambers with support from American Express, ByBlack offers a directory and certification program for Black business owners. Listing on ByBlack is free, and certification is available for those who meet specific criteria.
  6. Chez Nous Guide: A volunteer-run platform, Chez Nous Guide showcases businesses owned by historically marginalized people worldwide. It includes filters for women-owned, LGBTQIA+-owned, and BIPOC-owned businesses, featuring over 200 Black-owned businesses.
  7. EatOkra: EatOkra is a directory specifically for Black-owned restaurants, with over 2,500 listings across the United States. Users can search by cuisine and location and even order delivery or find directions to the restaurants.
  8. I Am Black Business: Offering a one-time membership fee, I Am Black Business provides access to the Black Business Search Engine, niche product sites, and more. Business owners can claim and update their listings.
  9. National Black Guide: The National Black Guide promotes featured businesses on its homepage and provides links to events, news, and city-specific pages. They also offer an app to help users discover Black businesses and resources in their area.
  10. Official Black Wall Street: With over 5,000 listings in 10 countries, Official Black Wall Street is a comprehensive directory that allows business owners to create detailed listings with reviews and directions.
  11. The Nile List: Founded by Khadijah Robinson, The Nile List showcases Black creators of retail products and offers designations like “vegan,” “woman-owned,” and more. Please note that as of January 2023, they are temporarily not accepting new businesses.
  12. Shop Black Owned: This free, map-based tool lists Black-owned businesses in eight cities, with more to come. It’s a fantastic resource for finding local Black-owned businesses in your immediate area.
  13. Support Black Owned: Since 2012, Support Black Owned has offered a website database and an app, advertising options, and user reviews. It lists businesses in over 30 countries.
  14. WeBuyBlack: Established in 2015, WeBuyBlack is the largest e-marketplace for Black-owned businesses. It helps customers transition from big brands to Black-owned brands for everyday consumer goods.
  15. Virginia Black Business Directory: Based in Virginia, this organization aims to close the wealth gap in the DMV region and amplify Black voices. Membership grants access to mentoring, networking opportunities, exclusive coupons, and more.

As we celebrate Black History Month and beyond, supporting Black-owned businesses is an impactful way to contribute to economic empowerment and promote diversity and inclusion. Explore these directories, discover remarkable Black businesses, and join the movement to buy Black.

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