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“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.” – Mahatma Gandhi

Lifelong learning is the key to entrepreneurial success. Some of the most successful people in the world all have one thing in common: the growth mindset. The understanding that abilities can be developed through dedication and hard work. And how do successful entrepreneurs work on their growth mindset? They keep learning.  If you want to be the best, you need to learn from the best and those that know, and love, to learn create strong resilience – an essential trait for accomplishing big things.

With the wonders of the internet, you now have access to some of the greatest business thinkers, marketers, and philosophical minds in the world. All those entrepreneurs have tasted success but also made mistakes. You can learn from other individuals, so you too can avoid the same costly mistakes. Whether you want to stay up to date on the latest technology advancements in the fitness world or find out what makes the best marketing strategy so successful, there are resources to find this information. 

Everyone’s experience is valuable. So we created a short list of thought leaders from a variety of backgrounds. Here are some of the best business, marketing, and wellness resources for fitness entrepreneurs. 

Top Row (L to R): Gary Vaynerchuk, Dori Nugent, Dr. JaNaè Taylor, Tim Reid, and CJ Williams.
Bottom Row (L to R): Debra Atkinson, Steve Harvey, Dalijah Amelia, Phil Graham, and Benjamin Raymond.

1. The GaryVee YouTube Channel

Gary Vee is a bestselling author, speaker, and CEO of advertising agency, VaynerX, working with Fortune 100 companies and some of the biggest brands in the world. His content usually edges more toward motivation but has good advice on the importance of marketing strategy and business strategy. With a strong online presence, you can find Gary Vee content just about anywhere from his podcast, blog and, linked below, YouTube videos to help with your marketing and content strategy: 

Why You Need to Add TikTok to Your Business Strategy

A Conversation Every Content Creator Needs to Hear

2. The Fitness Business Podcast

This podcast is an excellent professional development resource for business owners in the fitness industry. Every week, expect new guests, leading experts, fitness coaches, and authors as they share their advice and experiences. The podcast has launched a mastermind panel series, which brings on multiple experts to discuss COVID-19 planning and there are a variety of free ebooks on their site, topics ranging from podcasting, financial management tips and improving customer retention. 

3. Minding My BLACK Business®

Hosted by Dr. JaNaè Taylor, this movement and podcast exclusively targeted to black entrepreneurs looking to engage and support the mental health of black entrepreneurs. It covers topics like identifying your target audience, managing others’ racial biases, and overcoming self-doubt. Must-listen episodes include:

Self-doubt and Entrepreneurship featuring Dr. Ayeesha Hankins

Expanding your team to get through COVID19 featuring Courtney Underwood

Dr. Taylor also offers consultation services which can been purchased through her website. 

4. The Small Business Big Marketing Podcast

As the name suggests, this podcast is all about marketing. In its 7th year, Australian host, Tim Reid, delivers practical advice that business owners can implement effectively. With 30 years of marketing experience, he breaks down marketing ideas that don’t cost a fortune. Start with The art AND science of standing out in this ridiculously crowded marketplaceSmall Business Australia, take note: the SMBM Podcast website offers a comprehensive list of marketing resources absolutely free.

5. Business Fitness with CJ Williams Podcast

CJ Williams spent six years building a fitness business and he shares his experiences and advice with fellow fitness entrepreneurs. He keeps topics relevant and discusses real issues that will help your business grow, reflecting on the triumph and trials that business ownership brings. Top episodes to listen to include:

Black Businesses Owners: Will You Be Ready?

Marketing Like a Nerd: Looking at the Numbers

6. Voice for Fitness Professionals Podcast

A great source for private personal training fitness professionals. Topics include everything from marketing and sales to programming and building a more profitable business. The host Debra Atkinson discusses things like what to post on your social media as well as a 3-step marketing strategy for personal trainers. The Voice for Fitness brand also offers programming resources, including 1-on-1 business support and live staff training.

Comedian, game show host and television presenter, Steve Harvey, explains that everyone one of you is born with a gift, and only you can use that gift. That gift holds the greatest chance of success. Throughout the book, Harvey gives practical advice and truthful insight that essentially allows you to transform your life so that you can achieve everything you want to. A real #growthmindset read. The book was a number one New York Times best seller and has thousands of positive reviews.

8. Black Girl Fit Files Podcast

Hosted by the founder of Black Girls Pole, Dalijah Franklin, Black Girl Fit Files is a podcast that discusses health and fitness for black female entrepreneurs and women of color. Episodes are informal, funny, and real. The podcast discusses what it takes to stay true to yourself in the fitness industry as a woman of color. Listen to Staying in Business during Covid19 with Tammeca Rochester of Harlem Cycle. Ms. Franklin and Ms. Rochester talk about how Ms. Rochester opened Harlem Cycle in just six months and how their team of instructors are keeping members engaged with online classes.

If you’re interested it taking additional steps to grow your brand, you can sign up for a 3 -week mentorship program lead by BGP Founder, Dalijah Franklin. All mentorship is hosted virtually and when the program is finished you’ll walk away with a website, a content marketing strategy for social media and a new found confidence to pitch to brands.

9. The Fitness Entrepreneur Podcast

The Fitness Entrepreneur Podcast is about revenue generating opportunities and having a bigger impact on your fitness business. The business-focused resource is good for topics like marketing, sales, team building, benefits of personal development, and personal productivity. Hosted by Phil Graham, he often brings on guests and some of the most successful fitness entrepreneurs.

This book is the perfect example of no matter where you come from, anything is possible. If you’re looking for some inspiration to light a fire beneath you, give this a read. Benjamin Raymond is a former athlete turned entrepreneur. He grew up in foster care before putting himself through college and eventually becoming a successful business owner. 

Wellness Resources for Fitness Entrepreneurs and Business Owners

As much as it’s crucial to find the business and marketing resources that work for you, it’s important to stay on top of your own well-being. Taking breaks, keeping hydrated, saying ‘no,’ are all small ways to create a healthy work environment that protects your boundaries but we understand, sometimes that’s not enough. Here’s a quick round-up of wellness resources to help maintain your mental health:

Inclusive Therapists – a search database to find culturally responsive therapists 

Tara Brach – mindfulness and meditation podcast  

GRPFIT – health and fitness platform and community for people of color

Cultivating Minds Podcast – a place for fitness professionals to learn, grow and inspire 

Whether you’re looking to up your marketing game, increase your productivity, or overcome self-doubt, there’s a place that can help you. The right book or podcast can give you the inspiration you need to succeed and help you overcome hurdles in your business. At Ruoom, we celebrate the diverse experiences and backgrounds of everyone – business, and otherwise. No one has walked the exact same path. By being open to the opportunity to learn from a diverse group of experts and thought leaders, you can achieve a new perspective and insight to grow your business and become a stronger leader.

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